What the Pope should’ve taught at World Youth Day

Pope Francis has outspokenly favored immigration and ignored that boarders are just and rooted in the natural law. He prayed on the Mexican/American boarder, which surely inspired more people to cross illegally into the US. He’s called for Europeans to embrace the stranger by welcoming refugees into their homes, even though thousands of women have been raped by said “refugees” (and ignored by local law enforcement ). 

At World Youth Day, the Pope encouraged young Catholics to put fear aside and accept those from war-torn countries (particularly Syria, a country destabilized by the Obama administration).

The immigration issue has been a hallmark of the Francis papacy. The Polish PM was forced to defend her stance on turning refugees away, which is sensible and right, because of Fracis’ remarks. 

With the death toll rising throughout Europe as more refugees flood in, even after the recent murder of a Catholic priest, Francis should be teaching these young adults and teenagers how to die in martyrdom 


How Liberals Choose between Differences

Difference is “value-neutral”, which means value is not a part of the nature of difference. Put simply, “good” or “bad” (or value) is never a part of the meaning of any difference. A difference can be good, or a difference can be bad. It’s really that simple. If difference was just good, a difference in health would be good, even if we developed cancer. A difference in our bank account would be good, even if someone stole all our money. A difference in our marriage would be good, even if our wife had an affair and ran off with another man.

So, I scratch my head when I hear the mindless chanting “Diversity is a good” or “Diversity is a strength”, which ascribes inherent value to difference.  Now, usually the people that chant this don’t truly believe difference just is a good in and of itself. When Trump had all but clinched the Republican nomination and difference in leadership ensued, did they chant “Diversity is a good” or “Diversity is a strength” as a person with no previous political experience began rapidly changing things? No, people expressed fear and even threatened to leave the the US. When Britain “Brexited” from the EU, were these same people chanting “Diversity is a good” or “Diversity is a strength”? No, far from it. They bemoaned the reality that old people could even vote and seriously called that into question. When advocates for policemen created their own slogan – “All lives matter” – in response to “Black Lives Matter”, was it met with the warm embrace of “Diversity is a strength. So, we welcome this wonderful viewpoint.” No, they chided these people for stupidity and ignorance of black people’s plight (most of which is self-imposed).

But when refugees poured into Europe, and men publicly became women, and when gays were gunned down in a night club, and women fought against men by emasculating them, and blacks took over universities and killed policemen, we were reminded that “Diversity is our great strength”. So, what gives? Why chant at these but not the others?

Something is called a difference in comparison to something else that it is not. We can only judge the value of a difference in light of the thing that it is not and whether it adds to the perfection of that very thing. If I have a hundred dollars in my bank account, and as a surprise my brother places an additional one hundred dollars in, the difference (an additional one hundred) is valuable because my bank account grows. If I make a C on my first test but my teacher allows me to re-take the test and I make a B, then the difference is valuable because I move closer to a perfect score.

Liberals judge difference just like the rest of us. Transgenders, homosexuality, “reproductive freedom” (or just abortion and contraceptives), dead cops, uprooting white professors and faculty at colleges, fawning at refugees and illegal immigrants, the collapsing of boarders, and so on, are the kinds of differences that Liberals value, because they’re allegedly the kinds of differences that perfect us and the world. As mentioned above, the value of a difference is judged by its ability to perfect some other thing. The world is only made better by removing America and the West from the entire equation, and the value of these differences are seen in their ability to disintegrate Western Civilization completely. Anything called a value which helps maintain the integrity of traditional America is dangerous, racist, xenophobic, ethnocentric, sexist, or bigoted. The further away we get from traditional America and the traditional West, the better. Any difference that helps reify that is a valuable difference we must embrace.

So next time you hear “Diversity is our strength” it will likely be about a difference that stands in stark contrast to traditional Western values and furthers the disintegration of those very values.